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Why we don’t “cross things over”

Every day after Kindred Spirits airs, I get the same message over and over again – some truly inquisitive – others indignant and frustrated, “WHY DIDN’T YOU CROSS THAT SPIRIT OVER?” It’s a legitimate and understandable question. For years, we have been told by…

December 10, 2016
Featured General Ghosts

Kindred Spirits – Episode 1

Last night, Kindred Spirits premiered on TLC. I was a nervous wreck, as I knew we were doing something different, and I was so afraid people wouldn’t “get” it. That they wouldn’t understand the softer side of paranormal investigation. Boy, were my fears unfounded.…

October 22, 2016
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Back to work!

The last two years, I’ve been so fortunate to make my own hours and mostly stay home.  I have a local office I go into a couple times a week to work on Strange Escapes stuff, and once every month or two I travel…

July 6, 2016
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My return to television?

It happened. I am back on TV – well, for one night at least. 😉 As I’ve said in the past, it would take something very special to get me back on screen for any extended period of time – but I couldn’t resist…

February 29, 2016